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Full Moon in Sagitarius
May 27, 2010
4:07 pm  PDT


Most calendars in North America list the Full Moon according to Eastern Standard Time which leads to contraversy over when the moon is actually Full.  Sometimes it occurs on a different day in the same country.  Actually, the full moon phase is approximately 3 days/nights.  Therefore, the full moon appears to remain full for a period of 36 hours – 18 hours before this lunar phase and 18 hours after – to the naked eye.
It appears to be completely illuminated on those nights and its effects are certainly noticeable.
Must be a full moon!

The Sun is in Gemini and the Moon is Full in the Sign of Sagitarius. This combo says: Think Big! It seems as though everything in nature is buzzing with communication, while the days are significantly longer and warmer, making plans for the summer. This is the Full Moon of Spontaneity! We need to get out of our heads and to expand our conscious awareness. Our thoughts can be direct and focused upon the goals that we aspire to achieve. Be careful for what you aim for when shooting an arrow at the Bull’s Eye (refer to my New Moon in Taurus blog).

There is a wonderful Greek myth about Hercules and his mentor, Chiron. Chiron was the Wise (Sage) Centaur (half-human/half-animal) who was a Great Teacher. Teaching, education and higher learning are all associated with Sagitarius. One day, Hercules went to seek the counsel of his Wise Teacher, where upon his arrival, he was met by a group of Centaurs that were drinking wine. In the short version of this myth, Hercules became impatient and bored while his Teacher was absent and began to also drink some wine. Later, when he was intoxicated, Hercules could hear the sound of hooves stomping upon the ground and became nervous. Lacking focus, Hercules reached for the arrows in his quiver and began to shoot aimlessly, until one of the arrows found his friend and teacher, Chiron, wounding him in his leg. Chiron forgave Hercules for his short sighted error. Thus, Chiron came to be known as the Wounded Healer. Here was a test of one’s faith.  Full Moons tend to draw out our energy and some of us will want to overindulge in food and drink, but we must be careful not to hurt others while in an inebriated state. Otherwise, we may not be wise in our buoyancy.

Indeed, this is the Full Moon to enjoy a social gathering in the outdoors with friends, family and colleagues. Sitting around a warm fire can imbue many philosophic conversations. Avoid too much gossip and remember; where one finger is pointing, three are ponting back. We all have our tales to tell, try to focus upon the stories that inspire. This is a fire moon that can raise the light of consciousess like a flame to illuminate the darkness of ignorance.
Sagitarius is also affiliated with the planet Jupiter which is the largest in our Solar System. Due to its size, it has been associated with joy, expansiveness, abundance and luck. It had the potential to be another Sun in our galaxy. It is also associated with faith. When the Sun is in Sagitarius, alot of people celebrate the Season of the Light Bringers of Faith in December. We are reminded of that faith when the light of the Full Moon in Sagitarius shines brightly in the early summer sky. On Earth we see signs of new life and expansiveness everywhere. It will be followed by the longest days of the year. Time for summer fun! This is the Full Moon to take a leap of faith. So try to be optimystic and reach for the sky before you reach for the stars.
(c) Richard Barrett 2010


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