July 25, 2010

6;36 pm PDT

Aquarius is associated with the planet Uranus which was discovered in 1781 only a few decades after electricity was harnessed and began the flow of energy that would invent and power the light bulb (popping up over the heads of the new inventors, genuises and other scientists with new ideas) and charge such inventions as the battery, camera and hot air balloon.  Uranus was also discovered between both the French and American Revolutions. So Aquarius came to be associated with freedom, revolution, rebellion, electricity, eccentricity, technology, the New Age, community and being a humanitarian. Although certain Aquarians can send a shocking bolt out of the blue because many of them have their head in the clouds with eccentric ideas. As Einstein said:
imagination is far greater than knowledge.

Here we are, centuries later, shifting into the Age of Aquarius. Change is taking place at a more rapid pace, we spend our valuable energy on trying to change so many things at once but as the saying goes:
the more things change, the more they remain the same.  Even Shakespeare said: Striving to better, oft we mar what is well. So we expend our resources attempting to change the world around us. Many  people attempt to change others out of fear and ignorance.  Our differences are our similarities.  Change our attitude and we change our world. Nothing is constant but change.  Therefore, as a human ( man or woman) we create and affect change everyday.  We engage in change all the time… if you want to make change… this Full Moon is a perfect opportunity.  If you follow the Solar/Lunar Way this is the day…we are all a part of the global community. Adopt an attitude of gratitude.

Commune means to come together, not only as a group but to honour and respect (take a closer look) the Free Spirit within us all.  Perhaps this is why alot of Air Signs such as Aquarius are emotionally reserved taking the time to allow the waters of the unconscious to pour into the urn of their conscious mind (air).  Aquarius is the Water Bearer…
nothing is as soft as water, but who can withstand the raging flood? (Lao-Ma).   Where water represents the emotions I feel it is important in this Age of Communication to be not only mindful but also heartful. This is why many people feel disconnected and want to belong.  Social Networking is a result of the Leo/Aquarius axis.  The Sun in Leo wants to receive love and attention…deep down yearning for acceptance and approval in a very competitive society…and willing to risk all individuality to belong to a group or even a gang.  This is not the lion’s roar…this is the rebel’s yell:  freedom!

The Full Moon in Aquarius reflects the motivating Sun in Leo and illuminates the mind with the changes we feel compelled to make while in a state of playfulness in the summer heat.   So the cycle continues in the eternal ebb and flow of evolution and revolution.  Gather with friends in positive action rather than negative reaction.  There is a time to dream and a time to awaken.  Be a part of the solution. Be a Rebel with a Cause!

(c) Richard Barrett 2010

Where do feelings go in cyberspace…where do feelings belong in cyberspace…trapped in a world wide web of no love…where does love flow in the electronic sea?…the mysts of microsoft…computer hardware overflowing more than pewter cups of emotion…the whole enigmatic indifference of hearts electrocuted…reputed…in the short circuit cyber brain…the mind downloaded with intelligence yet unable to channel wisdom…click on the hindsight..the pure sight of celestial light…unable to open file…bad gateway to the soul…where does love grow in the dark?…the entangled web that has been woven…promising freedom…three dimensional dreams of synthesized sensory perception…technologic deception…virtual reality…organic world…

2002 Richard Barrett