August 24, 2010

10:04 am  PDT

The Sun in Virgo (work, health and service) is illuminating the Full Moon in Pisces (spiritual, sacrifice, sensitivity) reflecting our need to transcend the ego by letting go. Nature sacrifices its many fruits and vegetables that let go of the tree and the soil…to be consumed…so that it may perpetuate the cycle of life. The grape is ready to be plucked from the vine and changed into wine as we dine and surrender to what is divine to each of us.

Pisces is the last Sign of the Astrological Year and is depicted in symbolism as two fish. In ancient times the symbol for Pisces was the Dolphin which was associated with Apollo the Greek Sun God. Dolphins have been connected to the divine. Water is an element that changes into many forms. The Dolphin is a mammal that dives deep into the subconscious realms while also transcending and surfacing into the conscious realm of air. This is a very sensitive Sign but don’t confuse it for weakness because the dolphin knows how to bring down a shark. The symbol of the Two Fish demonstrate Duality and is probably the reason Pisceans are considered to be wishy washy. A lot of people with a Pisces Moon in there birth chart tend to dive deep into their own fantasy world often being inspired to be creative in music, dance, poetry, storytelling and the arts. Our moods change like the face of the moon and there is a tendency to escape from the secular world.

Neptune was the God of the Sea, known to the ancient Greeks as Poseidon who ruled with the trident (three pronged spear) in his hand stirring the waters of the ocean and the subconscious realms of the mind. In modern time he has been portrayed as the father of Disney’s
Little Mermaid. The archetype was prevalent in the film Poseidon which illustrates his power over earthquakes and tidal waves: a huge tidal wave capsizes a luxury liner during a full moon, literally turning the vessel upside down. The passengers that survive are subject to an underwater journey into the dark sea, finding their way to the surface by escaping through the ship’s bottom and eventually being rescued in the light of day. Pisces is the need to surrender the ego which does not grasp the imagination to a Higher Power…be it God/dess, the Divine or Great Mystery. It also relates to illusion, fantasy and daydreams.  In our need to connect with the Divine through a mystical excursion we may choose to consume intoxicants in order to relax and let go. Here is where we may heed to the words Nothing In Excess. It is said that Pisces is associated with the fermented grape and is the origin of the saying: drinks like a fish.

Here is the Full moon to gather with family and friends to celebrate the last days of summer by feasting, drinking, dancing and sharing our stories experienced during the Season of the Sun.  Remember: Transcendence is the key word for this watery moon…escape into the fantasy realm of dreams… this is the time when the tree begins to let go of her fruit to continue the cycle of life… before the sweet September Harvest…Letting Go is the feeling of this moon… scribe poetry…sing a song from your soul… dance to the beat of the One Heart… if you feel like a fish out of water then swim in the ethereal realm… if you feel like a fish in water then dive deep into the cosmic sea of your unconscious mind…remember…life is but a dream… if you can be by the water do so and share your creative gifts with loved ones…trust that the universe is unfolding as it should… lift up your Holy Grail to the moon and drink of her luminous light!

(c) Richard Barrett 2010