Friday October 22, 2010
6:36 pm  PDT

Once in a Blue Moon when the Moon is full it will be in the same astrological sign as the previous one…it happens only once a year because there are only 12 months but a 13 Lunation Cycle. You may want to read the Full Moon in Aries blog from last mo(o)nth.

Aries can be a very dynamic sign and its association with weapons, fire and explosion can literally mean dynamite!  It is the first sign with the impulse to act and it all begins with Self. It is from that personal place of individuality that a spark is ignited giving us the energy to act.  Energy can be explosive or implosive. Being a Fire Sign it is associated with inflammation, headaches, fevers, tempers flared and anger. When this type of energy lacks a healthy outlet for positive action it can fester inside us and eventually erupt into a volcano of destruction. It is said: repression leads to depression or even compression of a valuable driving force. Sometimes we need to be quick and impulsive to fuel those desires of self-expression when restless, whether it manifests as passion, exercise or simply moving in some direction.  The planet associated with Aries is Mars. Ares was a Greek god of War however the Romans named him Mars. Mars has been referred to as the red angry planet however, that is because of its link to the sometimes chaotic and aggressive deity. The Martial Arts are a perfect example of directing energy and force in a sporting way without the needless violence.  It teaches that the best fight is no fight.

People with Aries prominent in their birth charts can be pioneers through positive action. They are passionate about whatever they do and the ambition that propels them into action may lead them to careers as firefighters, paramedics, ER workers, athletes, activists, peace corps and the military to name a few. Not all Aries types are as bold and impetuous as described above. It boils down to:  aggression vs assertion.

The Full Moon is again in Aries reflecting the Sun in Libra. In the Spring it was the opposite: the Sun was in Aries and the Full Moon in Libra. All of the energy of Spring was raw and ready to blossom into new life.  Now that energy is being used to prepare for the Season of Autumn.  The trees that blossomed months ago are now on fire with warm yellow, orange and red leaves. The amber sun sets in orange glow with black silhouettes of evening shade…giving us the colours of Samhain or Halloween. The Season of Decay.

The Sun will soon move into Scorpio where Mercury, Venus and Mars are already placed. Powerful, intense energy that can be channeled into profound transformations. May we act with conscience and be the change we seek in the world.

(c) Richard Barrett  2010