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Full Moon in Taurus


Sunday November 21, 2010

9:28 am  PST


The Sun (our core) is still in Scorpio (our mystery)which enhances the effect of this Full Moon in Taurus (our security). We are amidst the season of change and decay with the many transformations that are colouring not only world politics but also the politics of personal power that we engage in with others and with ourselves. We are constantly being convinced that life is a struggle rather than a journey into the ever unfolding mystery of life, death and beyond. We are told that we can not have peace without war. During the Sign of Scorpio we remember those who fought for peace and those who have passed away. Many customs are celebrated around the world to honour the memory of our ancestors.

The Full Moon in Taurus is all about our sense of security on all levels. It is the full-fillment of living in the material or matter-real world. It is not a time to be charging after something like a raging bull and stubbornly clinging to that which we cannot possess… rather a time to take the Bull by the horns and get real with ourselves and each other. We all need the comfort and support of friends, family and lovers. This is a great oppurtunity to gather and remember the many blessings that continue to come to us in the most surprising of gifts. We are apt to feel more sensual during this Moon as its gravational pull is so strong.

Too often we find ourselves trying to possess that which is not truly ours and living with a false sense of security. Money does not create emotional security. Love does not create financial security (although partnership can). Like the many gardeners that love to get their hands dirty…cultivating the soil of their gardens, we can also unearth some of the misconceptions that have been planted in our own Secret Garden.  Has it been fertilised with alot of bullshit that stifles our personal growth?


Why is it that some people are able to make us feel secure, while others make us feel insecure? I believe it is all about investment. Who and what do we invest in? Are we giving and receiving our fair share? Do we own our possessions or do our possessions own us? Do we merely borrow our existence or do we own it? When we feel we are not being respected or honoured for our efforts, we may become insecure. It is about Personal Power experienced by the individual.

Think about our earth’s resources and how insufficiently they are being distributed. There are enough natural resources to feed, shelter and clothe those who live in poverty. We all need to grab the bull by the horns and harness its power and connection to Mother Earth. If we give her back her diamond, she will offer up her pearl. ~Dead Can Dance

Superficially, we are defined by what we do rather than who we are. We enter this world or realm of the senses with nothing and we depart from it with nothing. Yet we are conditioned by constant marketing schemes to convince us to purchase things that we do not neccessarily need; or eventually that we do not want. Again, it is the attachment to the sentiment, rather than the object itself that the Taurus type wants to cling to. After all, eventually you will be thrown off by the bull, both literally and figuratively. The Full Moon in Taurus can also affect our sexuality as well as our sensuality. Venus ruled Taurus wants to love and experience beauty in its many manifestations. As the saying goes: if you want to be loved, then offer love. A romantic time with a loved one exchanging sensual touch and healing massage would be beneficial.

Taurus is is named after the Minotaur ( a Greek word meaning Bull of Minos). There is a Greek myth of the Labyrinth and the White Bull of King Minos of Crete. In modern times, the Labyrinth is still used as a meditative and symbolic pathway. The Full Moon draws our energy outward like the Bull at the center of the labyrinth journeys outward as it illuminates the darkness. We can appreciate the darker side of the nature of things in ourselves and in others.

Do you want to be like a Bull in a china shop destroying things by being mindless?  Or more like Ferdinand the Bull, who chose not to fight but instead took the time to smell the beautiful roses of  love.


(c) Richard Barrett 2010


Venus in Retrograde

October 8, 2010 – November 18, 2010

The Earth orbits the Sun at a different speed than the other planets. The astrological term Retrograde is due to
the illusion that a planet appears to be moving in an opposite or reverse direction. It is during these times that
we review, return, reassess, rethink, release, etc. the areas in our lives where the particular planet is in

Venus is Retrograde for approx 40 days every 18 months.

When Venus becomes retrograde it can affect our personal relationships, being the planet of love, beauty,
attraction, money, harmony and values. Generally, it will affect these areas in our lives where we may experience
a slowing down or turn about. Relationships that begin during this time can be more challenging than usual and
older relationships with Other may prompt a break or ending of such connection. Perhaps an old lover reappears
from our past and we are reminded of unfinished affairs.

The key here is intimacy (into-me-see) where we may need to have a heart to heart with a loved one. Risking
honesty is the best approach. However, if you do meet someone new during this period…take it slow.

Venus was in Scorpio during the start of the Retrograde on October 8, 2010 and just recently moved into Libra (the
sign that it rules). So we may feel some of the intensity and power struggles involving interpersonal
relationships becoming more balanced and at ease.

It can also affect our sense of beauty and vanity which is a mirror of self-worth. Purchases made to beautify the
home or any other object of value will be slowed down or not what we had anticipated.

Financial matters are also affected and again we need to reassess our relationship to money. Avoid taking extreme
action in commercial affairs or overspending at this time. Investments in some areas will seem at a standstill. If
neccessary, wait until after Venus moves Direct on November 18, 2010. Sometimes the full impact of this period
will not subside until approximately one month after.

It really depends on where Venus Retrograde is transiting in your birth chart. This information allows us to see
what house is being impacted and how we may be mindful of this period.

Always bear in mind and heart that…this too shall pass.

(C) Richard Barrett 2010

New Moon in Scorpio

New Moon in Scorpio

November 5, 2010

11:51 pm  PDT

The Sun and the Moon engage in their mo(o)nthly union with the New Moon in Scorpio. The energy seems to be most powerful in the hidden depths of our being. Sometimes referred to as the Dark Moon because it is not visible. The impact that it has upon our planet and our moods can vary due to the gravitational pull of the Sun and Moon conjunct. Astro Charts with even a few major planets in a water sign or 8th House tend to be more emotional, intuitive and intense than others. The fact that the New Moon in Scorpio is about exploring ways in which to channel our Personal Power and to use it wisely with regard to our own Personal Transformation by revealing the hidden aspects of the power struggle that exists in all of us.

Oprah Winfrey is airing an episode on Male Survivor’s of Sexual Abuse which will air during all of this Scorpio energy of research, investigation, secrets, power struggle, intense feeling and personal transformation when 200 men come forth and share their anguish for being sexually victimized. The episode will air just before Sun (Core) and Moon (Emotion) are conjunct becoming the New Moon in Scorpio. I applaud everyone involved for shedding light on this very dark and controversial topic

The Sun (core), Moon (emotion), Mercury (communication) and Venus (attraction) are currently in Scorpio (mystery, power, secrets, death and rebirth).  Mercury will soon be transiting into Sagitarius which will expand our thoughts adding a bit of optimism and faith with the coming of the holy days celebrating the Light in mid-Winter. This intense energy is being felt on many levels, especially the collective unconscious.  Why do we fear the dark? When we open the door to a room void of light it allows the light to pour in. Power contains both positive and negative charges. Energy implodes or explodes. There is an intensity of restlessness harnessed by the secrets of the universe at this time.  The media reports the news of death and destruction.  The ending of political power in some parts of the world and the rising of new regimes elsewhere. Technology continues to seek and probe the outer limits. NASA just discovered water (hydrogen and oxygen) in the form of ice and steam in a dark crater of  the Moon…which scientists have said was merely a dead rock orbiting the Earth.

Speaking of NASA, which last year released a statement to reassure the people that the movie 2012 (new release) that depicts a catastrophic doomsday based on the Ancient Mayan Calendar…is only a movie. Those obsessed with images of death and destruction will not be disappointed. The mere fact that NASA would even bother to make such a statement makes me slightly suspicious. Did they issue similar statements when the producers of Independence Day released a movie about a meteor threatening the demise of the planet? There are many theories about the End of the World in 2012. Remember, doomsday has been predicted at different times throughout history. I feel the movie is going to create more hype around the doomsday theory rather than the various and more positive theories that are related to the Mayan Calendar. It is a very interesting topic that has prompted alot of deep speculation and theoretical conversation.

In the Northen Hemisphere it is the Season of Dying, particularily in the Celtic tradition it marks the time of Winter. The Wheel of the Seasons bring change. The Earth is consuming what  she gave birth to in the Spring taking it back into her womb to be transmuted and reborn again in Spring. All the decay is returning to the soil feeding the creatures that exist in a cold, dark and mysterious place.  Imagine what is going on beneath the surface feeding the deep roots of plants and trees that seek the light of the Sun to be reborn into beautiful blossoms. As the nights grow longer, the temperatures decline and some of us begin to feel more isolated, remaining indoors where it is warm and cozy. We enter into the Sacred Silence.

Remembrance Day is celebrated during this time of the year to honour the Fallen Warrior (the men and women who have sacrificed their lives in battle since ancient times).  Red Poppies are worn to remember those who fought during the war and White Poppies are worn to encourage peace.

Scorpio is named after the scorpion who has the ability to sting itself again and again. I know alot of Scorpio types with a tough veneer able to be protective of their intense emotions unless provoked by an outsider who will cause their venom to surface with an emotional sting like the scorpion. Be willing to peer beyond the veneer and respect what truth may be hidden there.

The Snake is also associated with Scorpio (Transformation/Rebirth) due to the ability to shed its old skin and re-emerge anew. The Serpent at the base of the spine known as Kundalini Energy can be awakened through certain Tantric Sexual Practises. Scorpio rules the Sexual Energy and Reproductive Organs. Sexual Energy is very powerful and must be respected and honoured in every individual. Just as the Sun and Moon are in symbolic union during this phase, we may feel the urge to connect with another on a deeply sexual level. Sharing sexual energy with another being can be a very intense and liberating form of expression without depleting it for purely selfish reasons. It isn’t meant to be about conquest but more about inquest into the intimacy (into-me-see) between ourselves and others. Personally, I feel that we are all Spiritual/Sensual/Sexual Beings and that we need to honour those levels of expression with intergrity. After all. it is one of the key ingedients in the elixir of Love. The Power of Love rather than the Love of Power.

Secrecy is another aspect to Scorpio and our willingness to become Soul Detectives bringing the flashlight into the dark to address the more negative side to our being. We need to be shining that bright light into our own eyes and interrogating ourselves and to see with our inner eyes the disguise that we don’t always need to wear. If we face our own fear we are able to bring it into the light and own it rather than projecting it onto others. So many myths have been written about the Scorpio archetypes and have been woven into stories of unsolved mysteries and crimes. Alas, like the Phoenix rises from its own ashes, we also can arise from the ashes of our own ignorance and fear.

Again, taking back our power also means being responsible for our dark side rather than projecting it  onto others. Even though we may not always see the writing on the wall of our subconscious, like the Dark Moon that is not visible but we know it is there like the answers to our own mystery. It is not about power over others but power over ourselves.

It is a great Lunar Cycle to seek out solutions to help us transform and heal ourselves and each other. We journey together upon the path of Life between Birth and Death. To Be Here Now requires a surrendering of desire to inspire us. I think of the Tao and the Sacred Dance of the Light and the Dark.

Take a good look into the mirror and ask some profound and meaningful questions that you truthfully seek to answer. What ever you do, dare to be yourself because this is the time to look beyond the veil.

(c) Richard Barrett 2010