October 8, 2010 – November 18, 2010

The Earth orbits the Sun at a different speed than the other planets. The astrological term Retrograde is due to
the illusion that a planet appears to be moving in an opposite or reverse direction. It is during these times that
we review, return, reassess, rethink, release, etc. the areas in our lives where the particular planet is in

Venus is Retrograde for approx 40 days every 18 months.

When Venus becomes retrograde it can affect our personal relationships, being the planet of love, beauty,
attraction, money, harmony and values. Generally, it will affect these areas in our lives where we may experience
a slowing down or turn about. Relationships that begin during this time can be more challenging than usual and
older relationships with Other may prompt a break or ending of such connection. Perhaps an old lover reappears
from our past and we are reminded of unfinished affairs.

The key here is intimacy (into-me-see) where we may need to have a heart to heart with a loved one. Risking
honesty is the best approach. However, if you do meet someone new during this period…take it slow.

Venus was in Scorpio during the start of the Retrograde on October 8, 2010 and just recently moved into Libra (the
sign that it rules). So we may feel some of the intensity and power struggles involving interpersonal
relationships becoming more balanced and at ease.

It can also affect our sense of beauty and vanity which is a mirror of self-worth. Purchases made to beautify the
home or any other object of value will be slowed down or not what we had anticipated.

Financial matters are also affected and again we need to reassess our relationship to money. Avoid taking extreme
action in commercial affairs or overspending at this time. Investments in some areas will seem at a standstill. If
neccessary, wait until after Venus moves Direct on November 18, 2010. Sometimes the full impact of this period
will not subside until approximately one month after.

It really depends on where Venus Retrograde is transiting in your birth chart. This information allows us to see
what house is being impacted and how we may be mindful of this period.

Always bear in mind and heart that…this too shall pass.

(C) Richard Barrett 2010