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Full Moon in Gemini

December 21, 2010  12:03 am PST

The Sun is currently in Sagitarius igniting the Holy-day Season by marking the beginning of the many Festival of Lights honoured during the darkest days of the year. The Full Moon in Gemini is facing the Sun with all of its luminous beauty. This combination can make our Spirits Bright as we think about how we celebrate our faith or perhaps how others view it as a philosophical question asking what are we truly celebrating?

A vast majority of religions celebrate the Birth of the Light during this month. It is an affirmation and dedication to the many Beings of Light who have been Spiritual Torch Bearers throughout the millenia. This year the Full Moon occurs on the Winter Solstice marking the longest night of the year.

Jupiter rules Sagitarius helping to expand our faith in the true meaning of the holy-days. People travel short and long distances to be with family and loved ones. To come together and share in the Feast of Abundance and to nestle with one another in the warmth and comfort of the hearth and home. Discussions are shared in the guise of heated debates over shallow and misguided thoughts and others are engaged in deep meaningful conversations sharing each others stories.

The Full Moon in Gemini can also make us more restless as we prepare for all of the many festivities that are celebrated during this time. Office parties are being held and would be a great time to let loose and just be who we are as opposed to what we think we are. We may think we know it all, only to discover that we are pulling the wool over our own eyes when we could be knitting that wool into a sweater that we could gift to someone else. It is a beneficial time to share ideas or new concepts with friends and colleagues as it is the Social Networking Moon.

Again, Communication is a key component of Gemini and this is a time to get those letters, cards and parcels off to loved ones to make it safely through the hustle and bustle of the season. Take the time to enjoy sharing stories and the fondest of memories. No one wants to be alone during this time. Turn off the TV and attend a Holy-day concert or one of the many Festival of Light Celebrations talking over a cup of warm holy-day cheer with others.

This would be a great moon to be inspired with gift giving ideas. It isn’t all about overspending and stressing out in the consumption of too many needless things, only to end up feeling exhausted and resentful for having endured the long line ups and expensive purchases. Think expansive rather than expensive. Too much of something can end up being a whole lot of nothing. We have many gifts that we can create and share with others.

Sometimes the Gemini Sun, Moon or Rising person is the social butterfly on the fly needing to know why…and loving a good conversation whether behaving friendly of flippant.  Too much talk can attract gossip and create needless misunderstandings. Make an effort to communicate effectively and to listen to others. Remember the children’s game Whispering Down The Lane? You whisper something into one person’s ear that is passed on to the next person and by the time it reaches the end of the line it has become totally out of context. This is where Mercury the ruler of Gemini plays the trickster teaching us the wisdom in foolishness or even the foolishness in wisdom.

Mercury has been in Retrograde since December 10th and will continue until month’s end.  It is currently in Capricorn which tends to be serious and limit our ability to communicate effectively. Thoughts and conversations may fluctuate from optimism to pessimism and even create tension where it is not needed in communication. Boundaries may be crossed which again can lead to needless conflict when engaging with others. If we our mindful of the tricky lessons that the Winged Messenger brings to our attention. We notice communication devices breaking down or perhaps we overhear comments regarding unusual behaviour with a cash register or computer.  We tend to misplace things at this time believing them to be lost forever…but then objects long forgotten suddenly reappear.People from our past can also make an unexpected appearance.  Mercury in Retrograde is also a great time to slow down and rethink, redo, review, repeat, revise and return to innocence. Travel plans can be unexpectedly thwarted…so be prepared for delays and exercise patience in all of these matters.

This is the Full Moon of Communion with our Higher Aspirations. It is the dance of the Light and Dark Twins in each of us. The Dark Twin being our Shadow which seems to surface during the Dark Time of the year as we catch glimpses of it wherever there is Light that is too bright  like the blinding Sun. You can gaze at the Moon for hours and endless nights only to witness the changing phases due to the shadow effect.  During this Full Moon we are going to experience a Total Lunar Eclipse that will be visible (with clear skies)in North America beginning on December 20th at 10:30 pm PST when the Earth starts to shadow the light of the Sun until the 21st at 2:01 am PST. An opportunity to feel what or whom eclipses the Light in our own lives or whether we overshadow others with our Dark side.

We are all gifts of the Cosmos wrapped and adorned in a myriad of colourful expression; some more decorated than others. However, it is what is inside us that is the actual gift of our own soul personality.

If you can purchase a live Tree for the holy-days you will be able to return it and regift it to Mother Earth for others to enjoy.

Finally, let us be as the Three Magi and keep our eyes upon the North Star and the hope that it symbolises. The gifts of Light, Life and Love are to be cherished. The Return of the Invincible Sun Sol Invictus will mark the Winter Solstice this night.  Be mindful that there are many pathways that seek the Light and when choosing a holy-day greeting consider the many holy-day feasts and rituals that may not where the same mask but share the same Divine Light.

So, eat, drink and be merry! Take care of each other and journey safely! Most of all, enjoy the Magic of the Season…and may the Lamb and the Lion in each and everyone of your hearts lay down together in peace…Happy Holy Days!

Richard Barrett  (c) 2010


New Moon in Sagittarius


December 5, 2010
9:36 am PST

As children awake on Hannukah, Yule, Yalda, Solstice, Christmas, Kwanza or any of the Holy-day mornings…they seem to vibrate with such wonderous anticipation…and as they anxiously open their gifts…we notice the light that sparkles in their eyes……seriously…we are all gifts of the Universe…a myriad of shapes, sizes and colours…some decorated moreso than others…but how beautiful it is when we discover the gift within each one.

As an adult, we can learn much from the joy that emanates from the children during these Holy-days. Perhaps we can remember to forget about the wrappings and look for that special gift inside each and every one of us…

The Sun and Moon are once again in union with the aspiration of Sagitarius.  The New Moon can usher us inside our homes and inside our body temples.  After all the intense, transformative energies of Scorpio played out in very mysterious ways…the energy seems to be shifting toward goodwill and kindness. These Holy Days are celebrated in a mosaic of faith and worship of the Light in all of its radiance. This holyday season open up your heart because it is the greatest gift that anyone can give or receive.

There is a wonderful story called The Gift Of The Magi  about two lovers who do not have the finances to purchase extravagant gifts for one another. In an ironic twist they make sacrifices to obtain the desired gifts but the gifts are rendered useless. It is a great story to remind ourselves of the magi-c within us and to follow our own shining star to the place wherein dwells our own divinity.

Sagitarius wants to express its restless energy and propel the wheel of evolution into a more expansive, multi-cultural society of inter-faith with wisdom.  It is a time of learning new ways to grow in personal and interpersonal ways. Now is the time to sow the seeds of our faith in ourselves and in others.  It is a time to remember the Teacher within.

Sagitarius is also affiliated with the planet Jupiter which is the largest in our Solar System. Due to its size, it has been associated with joy, opportunity, expansiveness, abundance and luck. According to Carl Sagan it  had the potential to be another Sun in our galaxy. It is also associated with faith. When the Sun is in Sagitarius, alot of people celebrate the Season of the Light Bringers of Faith in December. Astronomicaly and Astrologicaly we are reminded of that faith when the light of the Sun is reborn at Winter’s Solstice. The Sun appears to standstill as it sets on the southwest horizon marking the shortest day of the year while the Earth’s axis begins it journey toward longer days.

Express your enthusiasm with the gratitude of the abundance that we may receive…and remember to share your blessings…whether as a Random Act of Kindness…an encouraging word…a gentle touch…a warm embrace…just aim from the heart  and shoot for the stars!

(c) Richard Barrett 2010