December 5, 2010
9:36 am PST

As children awake on Hannukah, Yule, Yalda, Solstice, Christmas, Kwanza or any of the Holy-day mornings…they seem to vibrate with such wonderous anticipation…and as they anxiously open their gifts…we notice the light that sparkles in their eyes……seriously…we are all gifts of the Universe…a myriad of shapes, sizes and colours…some decorated moreso than others…but how beautiful it is when we discover the gift within each one.

As an adult, we can learn much from the joy that emanates from the children during these Holy-days. Perhaps we can remember to forget about the wrappings and look for that special gift inside each and every one of us…

The Sun and Moon are once again in union with the aspiration of Sagitarius.  The New Moon can usher us inside our homes and inside our body temples.  After all the intense, transformative energies of Scorpio played out in very mysterious ways…the energy seems to be shifting toward goodwill and kindness. These Holy Days are celebrated in a mosaic of faith and worship of the Light in all of its radiance. This holyday season open up your heart because it is the greatest gift that anyone can give or receive.

There is a wonderful story called The Gift Of The Magi  about two lovers who do not have the finances to purchase extravagant gifts for one another. In an ironic twist they make sacrifices to obtain the desired gifts but the gifts are rendered useless. It is a great story to remind ourselves of the magi-c within us and to follow our own shining star to the place wherein dwells our own divinity.

Sagitarius wants to express its restless energy and propel the wheel of evolution into a more expansive, multi-cultural society of inter-faith with wisdom.  It is a time of learning new ways to grow in personal and interpersonal ways. Now is the time to sow the seeds of our faith in ourselves and in others.  It is a time to remember the Teacher within.

Sagitarius is also affiliated with the planet Jupiter which is the largest in our Solar System. Due to its size, it has been associated with joy, opportunity, expansiveness, abundance and luck. According to Carl Sagan it  had the potential to be another Sun in our galaxy. It is also associated with faith. When the Sun is in Sagitarius, alot of people celebrate the Season of the Light Bringers of Faith in December. Astronomicaly and Astrologicaly we are reminded of that faith when the light of the Sun is reborn at Winter’s Solstice. The Sun appears to standstill as it sets on the southwest horizon marking the shortest day of the year while the Earth’s axis begins it journey toward longer days.

Express your enthusiasm with the gratitude of the abundance that we may receive…and remember to share your blessings…whether as a Random Act of Kindness…an encouraging word…a gentle touch…a warm embrace…just aim from the heart  and shoot for the stars!

(c) Richard Barrett 2010