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Sun Sign Change?

You may have heard the news reports about the Minnesota Planetarium Society declaring that the Moon’s gravitational pull on the earth has caused a change in the planet’s position in terms of its axis and that it is going to change the alignment of the constellations by one month. Ever since the dawn of Astrology came into being from the time of the ancient Babylonians, Astro Signs have always been based upon the constellation, where the sun would be during the date,time and place of the birth of a person. This system is still used in Vedic Astrology today. Anyone with knowledge about Western Astrology is aware of this fact because it uses the Tropical Form.
I have been aware of this 25 degree discrepancy for many moons now…but as has been explained…Western Astrology mainly uses Tropical Zodiac based on the seasons ie: March 21 Vernal Equinox/0 degrees Aries…as you know the chart is a symbolic tool that assists in assessing the various archetypes that are present in everyone’s Birth Chart…nothing is fixed in the cosmos…that is why people who dabble in Popular Astrology can easily be perplexed…I take many factors into consideration when interpreting a chart…Transits and Progressions…by the time that a person is serious about an in depth chart analysis…based on Date/Time/Place of Birth…they are usually a young adult…early 20′s…and by that time their Sun will most probably have Progressed into the following Sign anyway…that is why I practice EsoteRic Astrology…consulting with clients regarding specific concerns…usually…Career, Love and Security…There are many factors including the other planets and their placement in the chart. We are more than simply a Sun (Star) Sign…we are a universe of planets with various archetypes.
Regarding the 13th Sign…again…Lunar Calendars were used in many traditions and still are to this day…some Astrologers speak of Arachnid as a long forgotten 13th Sign…the number 13 is significant: 13 Full Moons in a Lunation Cycle…and why there are two full moons in one month each year. Eventually, the 13 Lunar Calendar was changed to the 12 month Solar Calendar…but the Solar and Lunar connection is always there…as they shadow dance through the seasons…known as the Eyes of Heaven…Sun (Gold) and Moon (Silver) and relationships like Christ and the 12 Apostles or King Arthur and the 12 Knights symbolzse this connection.
Did you know the seven days of the week are named after the Sun, Moon and Planets?
There are 12 possible keys any particular song can be played on the piano with Light and Shadow…and we connect those keys to create a unique song of the soul’s life experience.
I perceive the Birth Chart as an ever unfolding piece of art…painted on canvass with a palette of 12 unique colours…that illustrate our ever changing portrait of our selves.

(c) Richard Barrett 2011


Below are two responses from  a couple of renowned astrologers:
Anyone who questions you about the recent publicity given to the
zodiac or a new sign, tell them that is claimed by an astronomer
who knows nothing about astrology or even what the tropical
zodiac consists of.

Western astrologers became dissatisfied with the sidereal zodiac
of the constellations by the 5th century CE, and switched to the
tropical zodiac that astrologers in the West have used ever
since.    The tropical zodiac coincided with the constellations in
the year 221 CE.  It took a couple of centuries, but astrologers
did figure out that planets, signs, and charts should be measured
from the equinox, not from a particular star.

Western astrology starts the signs from the north or ascending
node of intersection between the ecliptic and the celestial
equator, the zero Aries or equinox point. Nodes are the
intersections between planes and have always been important
points in astrology.  The resulting ecliptic hemispheres are then
divided into the four quadrants and each quadrant has a beginning
space, a middle space, and an end space, just like life.  These
are the signs of Western astrology.  They are mathematically and
geometrically elegant, as opposed to the irregular groupings of
stars known as the constellations, which is what the Minnesota
astronomer and media talking heads are ultimately referring to.
-John Halloran “What we have said concerning the signs may strike some persons who otherwise take astrology seriously as a bit abstract and mathematical. So we want to conclude with a few words which relate mostly to the tropical form of astrology.

As the earth moves about the Sun the seasons change. If you could speed up this motion and look at the earth from space, you would see on the continents a movement of green (from vegetation) moving up and down. At the beginning of the northern hemisphere’s spring (beginning of Sun in Aries) you would see it moving up to the north of the equator, reaching its greatest development in the north at the beginning of the northern hemisphere’s summer (Sun in Cancer). Then it would begin to move south until at the beginning of the northern autumn, the southern hemisphere’s spring (Sun in Libra) it reached the most southerly part at the beginning of the southern summer (Sun in Capricorn). After that the belt of green begins to move north again. This is the “pulse of life” that the late Dane Rudhyar referred to in his book of the same name. We believe that the origin of the qualities that astrologers associate with the signs comes from this movement of life energy on earth. In the last analysis, the zodiac may not be so much due to the astronomy by itself as it is to the earth’s biosphere. The signs are simply a measure of where we are in the year and the flow of life on earth as it relates to the heavens -Robert Hand



Full Moon in Cancer


January 19, 2011

1:21 pm  PST

Hello to the first Full Moon of 2011….here’s to a Full-filling year as we begin it with  a Full Moon in Cancer (the Sign Ruled by the Moon). In fact, this is the Full-feeling Moon that connects us with the Feminine Spirit and the Great Mother. This Cancer Full Moon is associated with the mother, hearth, home,compassion, loving kindness, nurturance, forgiveness. There are many people who nourish and nurture us in our lives and to them we give thanks. It would be a great gesture to offer the same to them by cooking a meal or baking some treats or even sitting next to a warm fire to share the fondest of memories. To continue the spirit of the season with the ebb and flow of giving and receiving.

The Full Moon in Cancer is all about hidden feeling! It  can deepen our need for loved ones.  It can be like a crab hiding beneath a rock needing its space.  Cancer the Crab can be very sensitive and can get a little crabby if the heat is on too strong.  Remember that the crab is tough on the outside but very soft on the inside.  Being a Water Sign, we can easily be washed away by the tide of strong emotion .  Moon and Mood are synonymous and come and go like the tides.  Sometimes we can feel dark and empty like the New Moon or we can feel light and fulfilled like the Full Moon.  Everyones mood changes; just as the moon changes during her 29.5 day cycle, sometimes appearing in the sky during the day but somewhat more visible at night.   Cancer is ruled by the Moon.

Even if we are alone it is a time to honour the truth within our own heart. To nurture and comfort ourselves by the cleansing and purification of the element of water. As the moon affects the tides of the ocean, so it affects the tides of the ocean of the subconscious. Some of us may become very sensitive and emotional…when the heart is full, the eyes overflow…the heavy clouds within our own minds can overwhelm us to the point of an emotional cloudburst releasing a myriad of chemicals from our brain when we shed tears. Whoever said that boys and men are not supposed to cry must have been a maniac. I would much rather see tears flowing through emotional wounds as opposed to blood being spilled. It takes a real man to face up to his emotions. Fortunately, we live in a time when we are able to face the fears of our tears more openly.

With the Sun (Motivation), Mercury (Communication), and Pluto (Transformation) in Capricorn (Limitations, Structure, Time, Discipline, Career Goals)  we may be feeling more down to earth after the restlessness and expansiveness of the Holidays. Some of us discover that we may have overindulged in food or drink. Or simply over spent by feeling obligated to buy gifts that perhaps were not neccessary. In any case, the energy of Capricorn (ruled by Saturn) can expose our limitations and urge us to pull in the reins. Alot of people participate in the ritual of the New Year’s Resolution by dedicating their self to a more restricted diet by being less excessive and an exercise regime. People’s moods can become more serious. Supplies use to become more scarce during these last days of winter.

In the North American Native tradition this is also known as the Wolf Moon. I can hear the Lone Wolf howling at the full moon in the cold winter night, like a child cries for its mother. Some of us do not have a mother or a father, but we do have one another. Our chosen family can be just as important as our biological family. Our Tribe. This Full Moon may stir up a cornucopia of changing moods. If a warm cup of cocoa after a day on the snow covered slopes doesn’t entice you to stay at home and cozy up by candlelight/fire…then a trip with family/friends to a tropical beach would be perfect (any beach, any place would be also). This is the Mother Moon during the season that celebrates the birth of the many Solar Deities from various cultures.
The Archetypal Great Mother flows through everyone if they are open to the experience. Many people are Care Givers in a variety of ways.  Health Spas, Healing Retreats, Alternative Health Care and Hospices, all offering healing touch with aromatic herbs and remedies.  Nature is a vital part of the Healing Arts.  Those who truly care can have such a miraculous impact in the healing process of others.  We all need to nurture and to be nurtured.  Just watching the adoration, wonder and love in a baby’s eyes for its mother can bring tears to my own.

Mother Earth has the power to give life and also to devour it. We must come to respect that we are all her children and need to take care of her as she has cared for and continues to care for us….“if we give her back her diamond, she will offer up her pearl” ~Dead Can Dance.

(c) Richard Barrett 2011


New Moon in Capricorn


January 4, 2011
1:02 am  PST

The Sun and Moon are both in the sign Capricorn joined by Mercury (communication), Mars (action) and Pluto (transformation) meaning it is time to get serious. Some of us may feel very grounded or weighed down by gravity and perhaps feel more depressed during this time of the year, especially after indulging in the fun and expansiveness of Sagittarius holy-day revelry. Saturn is associated with Capricorn (Dharma, Limitations, Authourity and Time) it is the planet that says: get a grip! The rings around this planet are like a belt that needs to be tightened so we don’t wind up with our pants down…so to speak. This is the last planet visible to the naked eye and is symbolic of the naked truth of the self-imposed restrictions and limitations that can sometimes hold us back from pursuing and attaining our goals. In Ancient Rome, people celebrated the Saturnalia (our modern day New Years) and as the sands of the old calendar year pass through the hour glass of time, we begin to start anew by making resolutions or goals (think Discipline). It doesn’t neccessarily matter that we attain every goal set, as long as we strive to do our personal best. It is the Capricorn nature that inhibits itself due to lack of confidence even though it is born to achieve.

The New Moon is a time to initiate a change for the better and to establish some new boundaries in both our personal and professional lives. It is a good time to create a budget that will keep us within our means. It is easy to forget the abundance that some have while others seem to struggle. Too much of something can be a whole lot of nothing. Perhaps we can share the gifts that were presented to us (that we have no use for) to those who could really use it. Remember that we are meant to slow down during the cold, dark of winter. A time to gather indoors near the hearth to cook and to keep warm.

There are two kinds of Mountain Goats: one takes it time grazing on a plateau, while the other strives to climb that steep hill unable to keep still. Neither is right or wrong, so there is no need to get someone elses’ goat, only to wind up locking horns of indifference. Nor is it the time to be butting our heads into other people’s personal pilgramige. There can be a need to be in control out of fear. The half human/half goat Pan may sound his horn causing us to panic. Take the time to slow down and prepare for the coming Spring. Oftentimes, grounded (Capricorn is an Earth Sign) and laid back people are considered lazy in our fast paced culture. It is easy to scapegoat others when we are unable to face our own mistakes or shortcomings. All those Capricorn Saviour deities seemed to agree on one concept: Be Still and you shall eventually find rest and peace. If you need to rush ahead of the herd, then at least be mindful of the pace of others who are unable to keep up with yours.

Although Capricorn energy can be slow yet steady on the pathway to success, sometimes the outlook can be pessimistic and inhibited. Responsibility is the ability to respond with practicality. Capricorns also can be prone to being despondent and yet their offbeat sense of humour can remedy this. It is said that Capricorns are old when young, and young when old. The newborn child (puer) and the old man (senex) are symbols of the New Year replacing the Old Year.

So, whether you are an over-achiever, an under-achiever or simply an achiever, be kind to those you pass on the way up the hill because you may end up passing them again on the way down.
As the song goes:
…ain’t no mountain high enough, ain’t no valley low enough…we can see the vast horizon on the mountaintop or the majesty of the mountain from the valley below. 

(c) Richard Barrett 2011