June 19, 2012  8:02 AM  PDT


The Sun and the Moon are currently doing a double take of the Sign of the Twins, Gemini…the last New Moon was also in Gemini. Being the sign of opposites and duality can become a brain teaser game of thoughts that are lost in translation. I would attempt to integrate any conflicting ideas that do not rest well with our heart. The majority of humans have two eyes, two ears, two nostrils, two hands that are perceived and received by the two brain hemispheres. So we believe what we perceive…or do not. We have two lungs to deeply breathe with receive the life giving air. Whenever I am conflicted regarding opposing energies I think about a battery and how it requires both positive and negative charges to function. Our thoughts become words as we use our two hands and two feet moving into action.

Cogito Ergo Sum translates: “I think, therefore I am”,  which was coined by the French philosopher Renee Descartes. Gemini, being an Air Sign, is a Creative Thinker or Genius. The New Moon is a great time to continue the journey toward the within. Our thoughts may turn inward, only to move outward, as we will want to communicate with others. A lot of Gemini types appear to have their head in the clouds…up to where they belong. However, it is important for Gemini to allow their feelings to be experienced in the heart, rather than the head. The heart hath its reason, which reason knows nothing of ~Blaise Pascal. Mercury, the Winged Messenger, ruler of Gemini is busy playing mind games with our sense of security in the Sign Taurus (Money, Possessions, Security, ). Think about what true security means. We may traverse down memory lane and want to complete any unfinished business both personal and professional.

Venus (Love, Harmony, Attraction)  is also conflicting the heart and head being retrograde in Gemini…yet here the head and the heart can meet upon a common ground which enables us to open up and articulate our emotions.

Gemini is the social butterfly that loves to flutter around and experience all of the variety of flowers in bloom. Sometimes the Social Gemini Moon can attract gossip and create needless misunderstandings. Make an effort to communicate effectively and to listen to others. Remember the children’s game Whispering Down The Lane? You whisper something into one person’s ear that is passed on to the next person and by the time it reaches the end of the line it has become totally out of context. Be mindful before speaking. In other words, put your mouth in gear before you speak (unless there is room in it for your foot).

Media has become overloaded and our minds downloaded with alot of negativity being reported in the news. There is just too much information at our disposal. We are being left to our own devices and experiencing the world through cyberspace. This is a great time to turn off the TV/Cell Phone/Computer and tune in to the transmission of the planet and all our relations on an organic level. We are the center of our universe. Everything we think and do has an impact upon ourselves and our immediate surroundings. If we are restless and require distraction, then perhaps we could learn to meditate while practising deep breathing. Gemini is associated with the lungs and nervous system. Think of ways to create Positive Action, then breathe life into it. Yes, the universe exists with both positive and negative energy. We need to bring any opposing forces together through integration.

A world in black and white, hath no colour. The Light Spectrum refuses no colour. How would we know day without night? Get outside and bear witness to the beauty that nature paints for us in every moment. As Albert Einstein said: Imagination is far greater than knowledge. Dare to be different. When you change your perception, you transform your world. Remember to respect that other people’s Way may differ from your own. Same planet, different worlds.

There are many myths about Mercury/Hermes, the Ancient Messenger God, who was also known as the Patron of both Merchants and Thieves, as well as surfers and skateboarders in modern time.. Thoughts and ideas can travel fast like quicksilver in the archetype of the Gemini Genius. I suggest reading about his myth, and also the story of his counterparts; the Egyptian Thoth and Norse Loki. This is the New Moon to begin a journal. Many people use journals for calendars, appointments and goals…rather than self-reflection and expression. Forget the attitude and think gratitude. Start focusing on the wins, rather than the losses in your life. Whatever you do, try to do it with an open mind and most importantly with an open heart.

One more time with feeling…

(c) Richard Barrett 2012