Astronomy is the physiology of the universe…Astrology is the psychology of the universe.

Through the use of such tools as the Astrology Chart and Tarot Deck, I am able to respond to the various symbols intuitively and compassionately, to allow  you the seeker to participate in a process that will empower you to dive deeper into the ocean of your own potential and dreams and provide you with insights into important matters or decision making in all aspects of your life.

“Ric aka Virgo Bro’s Tarot/Astrology readings are amazing!
I was blown away by the passion, care and detail that flows through his personalized readings. If you are interested in having some professional and accurate astrological insight into your life I highly recommend Virgo.”
Much love Tim aka Life in Balance

“He’s great at using his intuitive powers to see into you and your life. One of the most sensitive and caring individuals I know.” Dr. Steven Lake

“Ric is an amazing person. He is so accurate with his readings, that at times I’m astonished!! He also has great positive energy and is so easy to chat with. He makes the experience so much fun as well. I would recommend him for sure to everyone I know”  Chris A

“I am impressed by Ric’s heartfelt intuition. His focus is positive and inspiring. Most of all,  he is genuine when it comes to his gifts!” Laura P

“Ric’s readings are amazing, and I always leave feeling illuminated. He has an intuitive gift that allows him to provide readings that transcend the mundane and speak to your heart.” Heather K

“I really appreciate how much you helped me through a crisis through your calming and reassuring reading. I was nervous about having a Tarot Card Reading and your unique approach helped me to remove my doubt and fear.” Sue A

“I have had many readings with Ric. I always feel grounded and relaxed after a session with him. He infuses his readings with amazing clarity and a sense of humour. That is the reason I refer my friends to him.” Annette R

Thanks so much Ric your reading was right on spot!  I believe I’m better off for having consulted with you before making important decisions in my life recently.  This is twice now that you’ve helped me when I’ve been at a ‘fork in the road’ and talking with you helped me make the right decisions.  I’ll definitely recommend you to friends and family who could use a little guidance in their life.   – Kelly Edwards



Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it, no matter if I have said it, unless it agrees with your own reason and your own heart. – Buddha